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Avant Garden by Todd is an exquisite floral retailer in Highland Park Village in North Dallas, Texas.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and our floral designs reflect this passion.  Indoor floral arrangements, patio containters and plants, and table-top lifestyle decor.

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Avant Garden is a Dallas-based florist with high-quality and elegant designs for flowers, plants and home decor.  Delivery to Dallas and DFW area.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and put that approach into everything we do.  Online ordering available on the website.

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Summer is almost officially here and with it the warmer weather, it's important to keep in mind design and detail. While swapping out your wool throws with cotton linens, you can create a new ambiance for the room by simply switching up your floral arrangements. Texture and color coordination in floral design run parallel to interior design, and nothing commands more attention than a beautifully crafted floral arrangement in a decorated vase. As spring rolls into summer, it's always a transition that makes some weary of how their plantings and blooms may measure up but we're here to make that simple. Adding in pops of vibrant colors in spots that may sport whites or plantings throughout the year is the perfect way to make the transition feel intentional.

For home plantings both inside & outside you'll  also want to make sure you water and water well, you don't need to order more often but more thoroughly. It's also best to do your watering early in the morning or at dusk in the evening, this will prevent from the water being soaked up more quickly due to the hot sun and sunlight. 

As it goes for flowers, buy the flowers where it's convenient and easy for you- or better, open an account with us and arrange bi-weekly or monthly  deliveries! 

If you do venture on your own we say always try to buy seasonal flowers - come in to the store, we've always got the best in seasons and there's some obvious reasons why - mainly that flowers are by nature seasonal, so buy the ones that thrive in their prime, their seasonal best.

Make sure you condition the flowers as soon as you get home. Remove any foliage that will end up below the waterline in the vase. Trim the ends of the stems at an angle and put in fresh water as soon as possible.

 A favorite for us right now is  beautiful sweet peas. You can pick them out of any bunch, frilly edges and the colors that typically vary from off-white to areas that are soft with color.Like the peony, sweet peas is one of our all time faves. Sweetly scented, whimsical & an old-fashioned  cottage flower are perfect both on their own or mixed with other flowers. They are also available in almost every color under the sun apart from yellow. We also love leaving a few  leaves or tendrils to add  add some interesting textures. 

Flowers like sweet peas also don't need to be big to look effective, they look great mixed in a pace or just on their own. It can be like here a simple vintage jar with just one type of flower in one color or a small post bud vase in a powder room is just the perfect spot for some "sweet" sweet peas.

Happy arranging, humming & loving your new home additions!