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Avant Garden by Todd is an exquisite floral retailer in Highland Park Village in North Dallas, Texas.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and our floral designs reflect this passion.  Indoor floral arrangements, patio containters and plants, and table-top lifestyle decor.

Patio Perfect


Avant Garden is a Dallas-based florist with high-quality and elegant designs for flowers, plants and home decor.  Delivery to Dallas and DFW area.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and put that approach into everything we do.  Online ordering available on the website.

Patio Perfect

Tiffany Poulter

Patio Perfect

We’ve had two consecutive days of good weather here in Dallas – which means we’ve been sitting on the patio soaking up every last ounce of sunshine.  We admit we love outdoor spaces and are completely spoiled that we get to have an incredible, lush oasis steps away from the store. The idea of decorating an outdoor space for hosting summer soirees, reading a good book, or simply relaxing with loved ones sounds like the perfect weekend task. We’ve outlined some great tips and tricks to get your patio & outdoor space relaxation ready.

Soft plush sofas and over-sized cushioned chairs that you melt into should be the key component to creating the relaxed and inviting feeling.  Textiles and furniture in the space should also match the overall design, outdoor arm chairs & setees with double plush sunbrella fabrics or teak wood and stained wicker are easily paired with the most chic or subtle spaces. small ottomans, throw pillows and the perfect end tables to rest your iced tea will have your space ready to curl up for an afternoon nap.

 Like everything in design you must consider the colors when choosing an overall vibe for your outdoor digs.  Choose something that makes you want to be there, and something that makes sense. If you’ve got an incredible patio overlooking your pool with a water feature that challenges the Trevi fountain, you should choose something elegant and sophisticated – think blues and whites with pops of color brought in by both natural plantings and also purposely placed flowers. If your backyard is somewhat modern with a patio of beautiful wood and industrial lighting, choose natural metals or wood planters with pops of green to bring an urban feel to your zone.

Plan it out! Don’t walk outside with a bunch of shiny new things and say “now what?” – this will only cause you to be overwhelmed in what should be your quiet oasis. Todd always says that regardless of what kind of space you’re working with, plan it the same way you’d plan an indoor space or party. Make sure there’s seats to put butts in, space food & drinks and of course somewhere to mingle and lounge. When you’re done with your set up you should feel like you’re in the most perfect living space, that happens to be outside.

Make it your own. Choose something unique and special that you love to do, or your family loves to do together. Like the idea of a small herb garden on the fireplace mantle, or a chest of board games for the perfect Friday night in! Make a day of it and hit up your local stores to collect the perfect lantern collections that you can use with candles or for collecting fun things throughout the season like shells or corks.  If you’ve got a green thumb adding something special like a potted fruit tree or blooming bush is a fun way to bring color into the space, if you don’t have a green thumb – call us.

Dreaming up the perfect plan isn’t easy but we hope these tips have ignited your passion to get that patio ready for it’s time to shine. We love getting to see new places & explore fun ideas and our talented designers would be thrilled to help you plan and design your perfect outdoor space. Give us a call to schedule a consult.