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Avant Garden by Todd is an exquisite floral retailer in Highland Park Village in North Dallas, Texas.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and our floral designs reflect this passion.  Indoor floral arrangements, patio containters and plants, and table-top lifestyle decor.

Mother's Day - A timeless tradition


Avant Garden is a Dallas-based florist with high-quality and elegant designs for flowers, plants and home decor.  Delivery to Dallas and DFW area.  We believe in beauty you can experience, and put that approach into everything we do.  Online ordering available on the website.

Mother's Day - A timeless tradition

Tiffany Poulter

Whether it’s fresh flowers every Friday, a new orchid every month or holidays that couple with some of the most gorgeous blooms we’ve been lucky enough to create- we love being a part tradition around here. One of our favorite holidays and the store is just over a week away and it’s one we’re here to help you make sure you don’t forget! With Mother’s Day is around the corner, we’re already smiling at the idea of devoting a whole day supporting Mom’s & pseudo-moms alike. A holiday devoted to honoring mothers, has its American origins in the years following the Civil War. To aid national healing in the wake of unprecedented personal loss, many women’s groups wanted to create a day focusing on peace and motherhood – Amen!  In 1914, a national campaign officially designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. To mark this now-official holiday, many people began writing letters to their mothers & soon after, giving gifts of flowers – Ahh! Music to our ears, flowers!  It’s not lost on us that this tradition has been around for over 100 years. Although,  after the successful founding of Mother's Day, there was some strong resentment many believed the companies had misinterpreted and exploited the idea of Mother's Day – clearly Anna Jarvis (the founder of Mother’s day) was never lucky enough to receive a bundle of blooms from Avant Garden. The gift of giving flowers has clearly transcended generation to generation but and we love deep rooted traditions and love creating new ones. It’s not only around a holiday, traditions can be something so simple, something cultural or even something you just decided today to make a tradition. It reminds us of a story a year or so ago when a client called us to create a beautiful bouquet of all pink floral.  She was picking it up on a Thursday afternoon and asked that we include a beautiful silk ribbon, long-tailed tied to the end of it. How lovely! We are dreamers here, creative juices flowing and sometimes, humming to our own tune while arranging little treats like this – we can’t help but thinking about what occasion is this for? Who will get to stare at these beauties for the week?  She came in to pick up the bouquet and we couldn’t help but ask “so, what’s the occasion?” It was her daughters final ballet recital at her dance company before going to college to pursue dance in New York, she explained that she knew she would see her dance again. She knew would visit her and see her twirl, smile and curtsy. But the flowers? This is something she had been doing this since her daughter was a little girl, always pink & always tied with a long tailed silk ribbon – it was tradition. It makes us warm and fuzzy just thinking about being part of a loved one’s day- the smile on their face as they nuzzle into the flowers with a deep inhale followed by a glowing response of the scent, beauty and how it makes them feel. Let us be part of that moment this mother’s day – we can already hear her loving them.